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Rolexx bigs up Kartel and Bennie Man

Popular dancehall selector, Rolexx, has promised more for 2014. Rolexx, known as one of the baddest and best sound-system selectors, especially for his high-energy selecting, is on overseas gigs in and around New York and the Tri-State area. As usual, he has been getting tremendous feedback from his international fans. .

Chronixx made his debut performance on American television screens

Chronixx will be made his debut performance on American television screens this week when he appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Tifa on Top: Meet the Girl Running Jamaican Dancehall

With a combination of super-cuteness and sassy lyrics delivered with style, young dancehall deejay and singer Tifa has shaken up the scene in her native Kingston and wound up on top. People are always talking about the award winning vocalist’s latest single (“Inside Me”) and her crazy videos, while the gossip sites love to discuss her supposed feuds with other women in dancehall. (We decided not to chew on well-worn territory and asked her how she feels about the men, instead.) All the attention just comes with the territory and it’s nothing she can’t handle.

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